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Iraq to unify national ID Cards
Mon Jul 6, 2009 2:41PM
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Two different ID Cards siezed from an Iraqi National
The Iraqi government has announced a new plan to unify the national ID cards by launching a single plastic identity card system.

Brigadier General Mahmoud Abdul Al-Ghafour, the project's director, made the announcement before reporters in Baghdad on Monday.

The new plastic cards will replace four different types of paper documents currently used by 30 million Iraqi citizens, AFP reported.

The national ID Card program, which may cost up to 300 million dollars, would be operational in about two years time.

However, the plan may help the Iraqi government establish more security and may limit the use of fake identifications by terrorist groups and bandits.

Interior Ministry Deputy Minister Adnan Al-Assadi said the new ID cards would be used by all the Iraqi nationals and that the data on the card would be written in both Arabic and Kurdish languages.

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