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VoA interviews Iranian terrorist culprit in a sign of backing
Mon Apr 2, 2007 7:40PM
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Voice of America (VoA) has interviewed a fugitive Iranian terrorist on the phone, introducing him as the "leader of the Iranian people's resistance movement".

VoA Persian Service television, broadcasting live via satellite on Sunday, held a phone interview for the first time with Abdul Malek Rigi, the head of the terrorist cult called Jondollah.

Rigi, who is responsible for the death and injury of more than 50 ethnic Baluchi Iranians, has taken several Iranian border guards hostage and has demanded a high ransom for their release.

While having martyred several Sunni Baluchis in terrorist bomb attacks in the south-eastern Iranian province of Sistan-va-Baluchestan, the terrorist organization claims it is defending the rights of ethnic Baluchis in Iran.

Iran says the United States harbors and trains members of the group to carry out terrorist operations inside Iran and to destabilize the country by supporting separatist movements.

The United States also funds the terror group to "sow" discord among Iran's ethnic communities. The CIA supplies cash and weapons to the group to resort to terrorist methods.

The blatant and hostile move by VoA in showing support and propagating terrorism in Iran has faced harsh reaction and protests from Iranian-American communities and organizations in the U.S.

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