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Denmark to pull air force out of Iraq
Wed Dec 19, 2007 10:9PM
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Denmark has decided to pull its four helicopters and air force staff out of southern Iraq this week, the Danish Defense Minister says.

Defense Minister Soeren Gade said Wednesday that the Iraqis will take over the Danes' role which is to support the British military.

Denmark replaced its 460-member army contingent with a small air force unit in late July. The 55-member squad was stationed near Basra for a six-month period as airborne support for patrolling British ground forces.

The last Danish helicopter flight took place Wednesday and the last air force member is scheduled to leave Iraq on Friday.

The drawdown was in line with plans for Iraqi forces to assume the responsibility for the area around Basra, the Danish government said.

Denmark will have some 50 military personnel in Baghdad where they are in charge of providing security for Danish diplomats and training Iraqi forces.

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