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Gonabadi Sufi site destroyed
Mon Nov 12, 2007 12:38PM
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MP from Boroujerd, Mohsen Yahyavi
A Sufi lodge has been destroyed following clashes between young worshippers of a mosque and followers of a Sufi sect in Boroujerd.

Eighty people were wounded and some 180 arrested in the two-day clashes between worshippers of the Al-Nabi Mosque and the followers of a Sufi order in the western Iranian city of Boroujerd.

The young worshippers issued a statement Sunday, describing the destruction of the gathering site, which belongs to the Gonabadi branch of Sufism, as a 'revolutionary act'.

The statement said that followers of the order had been threatening the local people, adding that in an irresponsible and brutal act, they had violated the sanctity of the mosque, breaking its window-panes and wounding a number of worshippers, including the mosque's prayer leader on Sunday.

Such acts of savagery obviously hurt the feelings of the city's pious people, who expressed their strong agony.

The Majlis deputy from Boroujerd, Mohsen Yahyavi, speaking to IRNA on Sunday, denounced the destruction of the Sufi lodge, saying, "Strife in any form between worshippers and the Sufis has deeply saddened the people of the city."

The main causes of the clashes have yet to be determined, Yahyavi said, stressing, "It is expected that security authorities will try to discover the reasons behind the sad event as soon as possible."

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