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Iran finds world's oldest script
Sun Nov 4, 2007 6:14PM
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World's most ancient script found in Jiroft
Archeologists have discovered the world's most ancient inscription in the Iranian city of Jiroft, near the Halil Roud historical site.

"The inscription, discovered in a palace, was carved on a brick whose lower left corner has only remained,” explained Yousof Majid Zadeh, head of the Jiroft excavation team.

“The two remaining lines are enough to recognize the Elamite script," he added.

“The only ancient inscriptions known to experts before the Jiroft discovery were cuneiform and hieroglyph,” said Majid Zadeh, adding that” The new-found inscription is formed by geometric shapes and no linguist around the world has been able to decipher it yet.”

Archeologists have found many artifacts confirming the existence of a rich civilization dating back to the third millennium BC, during the 5 previous excavational phases.

The sixth phase of Jiroft excavations will focus on the temple and the sites where the tablets were found during previous phases.

Archeologists believe the discovered inscription is the most ancient script found so far and that the Elamite written language originated in Jiroft, where the writing system developed first and was then spread across the country.

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