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Zionist-dominated media fuel violence'
Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:58PM
Interview with Mike Harris, financial editor of Veterans Today, Phoenix
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A prominent Phoenix-based analyst tells Press TV that the Israelis and their media like Hollywood are behind most of the violent incidents happening within the United States namely the recent deadly New Town school shooting incident.

The comments come as A new opinion poll shows an increase in the number of Americans supporting stricter gun control laws after a series of deadly shootings across the country. Several online petitions have asked the White House to push a legislation to limit access to guns. US President Barack Obama is being pressured to tighten the country’s gun laws after a shooting tragedy at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday that left twenty children and six women dead. On Friday twenty children and six adults have been killed in a shooting spree at an elementary school in the town of Newtown in the US state of Connecticut.

Press TV has talked with Mike Harris, financial editor of Veterans Today from Phoenix to further discuss the issue at hand. He is joined by two additional guests on Press TV’s News Analysis program: Mr. Don DeBar, activist and radio host from New York City and Raynard Jackson, CEO of Raynard Jackson and Associates from Washington D.C. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Harris jump in here if you may. The debate right not is surrounding, basically the rights to bear arms. How would you respond to those who believe that this is their right under the Second Amendment of the US constitution because many do argue that the Second Amendment merely limits how the government can ..., the limits of the government that is, in preventing the acquiring of guns and it does not really constitute an absolute right of bearing arms.

Harris: I disagree with that. The Second Amendment absolutely guarantees the right of every citizen of sound mind to have a firearm; it does ...there is not questions about it.

And I want you to look at this in a greater context of things. We have had a Zionist-controlled Hollywood, a Zionist-controlled news media that is the conduit to all of these violence..., these imagery, into every home in America and so you wonder why there is a culture of violence? It is because it comes from the Jews in Hollywood. That is where the conduit of violence comes from. That is the source of it.

But look behind that even deeper, I want to remind you of the Norway shooting of Mr. Breivik, which followed a week after Norway had agreed to support Palestine. Now you look at Israel just lost their bid to thwart Palestine from being recognized by the United Nations and now here we go, here is a revenge killing in the US, sponsored by Israel, that killed all these innocent children and that is something that Israelis do very, very well. They target the innocent, they target the children, they target women and they avoid the issue because they are angry; they did not get their way and now Palestine has standing at the UN and Israel is going to be subject to the international criminal courts and their leadership is going to be taken to task.
So let us connect the dots here about what is going on globally, geopolitically with Israel involved. Now they are also calling for a Congressional hearing. Now one thing you can count on with a Congressional hearing is there is going to be a cover up because all the Congressmen are bought and paid for by the Israeli Lobby in the US.

So any truth of this is going to be hidden because Israel wants it hidden, because they are once again the guilty party.

You have to realize Israel has been operating death squads in the United States since Gabrielle Giffords and Judge Roll were shot in Tuscan. There has been other incidents as the Colorado shooting, that was again Israeli death squads operating in the US.

I do not know..., I am so disgusted with Israel and their behavior on the international stage.

[in response to Raynard Jackson]: I watched the filth that Hollywood produces. The filth that comes out of Hollywood. Hollywood is Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled and they spew filth and they spew violence out.

Press TV: Mr. Harris, the role of violent media availability and exposure does go a long way in shaping the society’s culture. You cannot deny that and role that the gun lobbies in the American military industrial complex have, in funding these industries does go a long way?

Harris: Well, let us say something. You know, taking guns away from low abiding Americans is pointless. The culture as we are talking about here is Jewish-inspired, comes out of Hollywood, comes out of the Jewish-controlled news media. It comes out ...., our congress is bought and paid for. Look at who the major donors are!

70 percent of the money comes out of corporations that are Zionist Jewish-controlled. Let us put credit where credit is due and this goes squarely on the Jewish lobby and let us look at our control who want to take the guns, [Dianne] Feinstein, [Charles] Schumer, [Barbara] Boxer; those are all the ones; those are all Jewish senators, all Jewish people who want to take guns away from normal law abiding middleclass Americans, who have a right under this constitution to do it.

They have been trying to destroy this country and trying to destroy this constitution forth last 70 years since the Frankfurt School came over here from Germany and I for one, it is time to push back.

We are not going to sit back and take this Zionist-occupied government that we have in this country anymore. It is time for meaningful change and bring this back to a true constitutional

Press TV: Mr. Harris very quickly if you can. My final question. The incident in New Town and the reactions pouring in need to be put into a wider context of what is happening around the world. As we see the US bombarding Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia with its drone activities. There was a lot of criticism over Obama’s tears.

Now this does shed a light on the prevalent believe in American exceptionalism. Would not you agree that it is OK if they systematically target a population but if something happens that undermines their security then the whole world needs to be sympathetic and condemn it?

Harris:Well, I am very much anti-war and I am very much opposed to the US excursions into Iraq, Afghanistan. I think the drone bombings in Pakistan are unconscionable, so I feel great sympathy with the people that allegedly represent me and my country, who are dictating foreign policy and again it goes back to Israeli influence in the US foreign policy and I am very much anti-Israel, I want Israel off the face of the earth. They are the source of all problems in the Middle East, they are the original terrorists and do not forget that this killing in New Town was a revenge killing because Israel lost the vote about Palestine being recognized in the UN.

That is all it is about, it happens every time; it is Israelis acting out and trying to revenge upon the United States

That is exactly what it is and I am tired of the kid-gloves with Israel, it is time to go bare knuckles with them.

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