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‘OWS does not fear police brutality’
Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:25AM
Interview with Caleb Maupin, with the International Action Center
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A new report says the officers of New York Police Department have violated the rights of Occupy Wall Street protesters by using excessive force and unjustified arrests during different demonstrations.

The Global Justice Clinic at New York University's School of Law and the Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic at Fordham Law School reported some 130 incidents of alleged abuse on Wednesday.

Press TV has talked with Caleb Maupin, with the International Action Center from New York City, to further discuss the issue.

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Caleb, how do such reports of rights violations affect the Occupy movement as a whole? I mean is it something that the movement supporters are in a sense desensitized to, as the movement has suffered so much of this already?

Maupin: Well, I believe the report listed 130 violations; that seems like a very, very, very low estimate.

The amount of police brutality that went on frequently against the Occupy protesters was far higher in my experience.

It seemed, very frequently, people were being grabbed, thrown to the ground, you know, hit in the face for nothing.

You could be standing on the sidewalk and a cop would come up to you and say you have to have a permit to be there and you would say I do not have to have a permit and then he would then accuse you of being disorderly to the cop and then the next thing, you know, someone is on the ground and the whole crowd is chanting, shame, shame, shame as the cop is clubbing someone in the face.

It is a very frequent occurrence and this is a very low estimate; and the Occupy Wall Street movement became a target for these attacks because they were standing up, because they were in the streets demanding justice.
But this kind of brutality goes on all the time, especially against people of color here in New York City; the policy of ‘Stop and Frisk’, the police murders, you know, like the one in Anaheim, California.

You know, everywhere people are being brutalized in the United States by the law enforcement. It is not concentrated in New York City; it is a national phenomenon with the police engaging in extreme brutality and getting away with it.

Press TV: What instruments has and will the Occupy movement use to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future or has it given in to the fact that the authorities may always be stacked against it?

Maupin: Well, first of all, the Occupy movement is not in any way being intimidated by this. Plans are being made for a huge gathering coming up in August for the march on Wall Street’s south which is when the Democratic National Convention will be meeting in Charlotte and they will be speaking in the Bank of America Stadium and Charlotte has long been known as the Wall Street of the south.

And there is going to be a huge, huge Occupy Wall Street demonstration along with labor community groups, all kinds of groups coming out to demonstrate against this Democratic National Convention on Wall Street of the south and Charlotte North Carolina.

There is mass organizing going on, mass demonstrations; so they have not been intimidated by it and yes, you know, people are going to take this to the court; they are going to fight it in court.
But they know that, you know, these are the courts that kept Mumia Abu Jamal in death row and still won’t release him.

You know, these are corrupt courts and so justice will be won in the streets by not surrendering, not being silent and making enough chaos in the streets that the ruling forces are embarrassed and see that they are threatened and that justice can be won by demonstrating.

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