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Chavez popularity on rise
Thu Oct 6, 2011 9:4AM
Ricardo Rojas, Press TV, Caracas
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The latest report from Venezuelan opposition-related pollster Datanalisis reveals that the popularity rate of President Hugo Chavez went up almost 10% in September, standing at 58.9%. Other indicators show that the support for the opposition right-wing pool of parties Table for Democratic Unity has dropped 14% since May.

These figures come to complement the political analysis that many specialists have been doing about the Venezuelan political scenario. Pro-government pollster GIS XXI reports that according to a study carried out in September, 58% of Venezuelans would vote for Chavez if presidential elections were on Sunday.

But not only his struggle against cancer has granted him a positive assessment. His socialist plan, which he has said is not yet fully accomplished, has put the less privileged strata at the top of his priorities. Also, a campaign against the meddling of what he calls the right-wing American empire has earned him many followers.

President of GIS XXI, Jesse Chacon, argues that if opposition members fail to agree and come up with a solid leadership proposal this year, it will be difficult for them to convince people about their plan. GIS XXI reports that the most popular opposition pre-candidates are the governor of Miranda state, Henrique Capriles, with 8% and Zulia state governor, Pablo Perez with 6%.

Some critics say President Chavez has used his charisma and a state-funded propaganda to manipulate the masses and gain popularity. However, a large number of Venezuelans are convinced that he represents the change that the country needed to become an international powerhouse.

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