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Iran starts mass-producing 2 new missiles
Sat Feb 6, 2010 10:59AM
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anti-armor missile Toofan-5
Iran has launched production lines for two new missiles as a part of its plans to boost defensive capabilities against any possible attack.

Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Saturday inaugurated the production line for an anti-armor missile Toofan-5 and an anti-helicopter missile Qaem.

"By the mass production and delivery of these modern weapons to the armed forces, the country's defense capabilities will increase both in ground and aerial war," the minister said.

The Toofan-5, which is among the most advanced of anti-armor missiles, is equipped with two warheads and can destroy armored vehicles, tanks and personnel carriers, Vahidi said.

The Qaem missile is also of a class of semi-heavy guided missiles and can destroy low-altitude aerial targets that fly at low speed. Being laser guided, the Qaem missile is also resistant to electronic warfare, Vahidi pointed out.

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