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Venezuela issues arrest warrants for 30 bankers
Tue Dec 8, 2009 2:59AM
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A court in Venezuela has issued arrest warrants for 30 bank executives over their alleged mismanagement of the country's financial affairs.

The court order comes days after the government of President Hugo Chavez nationalized seven banks due to their 'unregulated' transactions.

“A group of irresponsible bankers, of citizens crazed by ambition, started to use the public's money, private and public money in their banks, to commit crimes,” Chavez said on Monday before the arrest orders were issued.

However, the Venezuelan leader has always maintained that he only seeks to regulate banks and to bring a group of con men to justice and does not want to take over the entire banking sector.

Venezuelan prosecutors have also sought Interpol assistance to arrest nine other suspects believed to have escaped the country.

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