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Guantanamo: Inside the Wire
Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:33AM
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At a time when new US President Barack Obama signed an order to suspend the ‎proceedings of the ‎Guantanamo military commission, Yvonne Ridley and filmmaker ‎David Miller get unprecedented access to the infamous ‎Guantanamo Bay prison ‎where they are given a guided tour of the facility by the US Military Public ‎Relations ‎apparatus. With exclusive access to the ill-famed holding facility, the documentary ‎also ‎interviews former inmates who give a detailed explanation how they were treated ‎at the hands of ‎the US Military. Visiting all areas of Gitmo including Camp Delta, ‎Camp Iguana, and Camp X-‎Ray, we are given a first-hand look into the conditions ‎‎'enemy combatants' are held.‎
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